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Our Common FAQs

Which countries don't benefits reship?

We offer reship to all countries. However, Brazil, India, Italy, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and all Scandinavia, we only reship 80% of the initial order total. This is due to their high risk consumption.

Do you deliver in P.O. Box?

Yes we do, to all house addresses.

My package didn't arrive, when can I get a refund and how?

For all delayed shipments, we usually call the agency responsible for shipment and confirm with them the status of the shipment, and in case of any inconvenience, we do a reshipping.

How much does it cost?

Shipping is free for orders above $490.


Do you provide any guarantee that I would receive my item?

If your order doesn’t arrive within the delivery time period, we also do a reship.